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Information on proceedings in cases of property previously belonging to Churches and other religious associations


  • Property Commission (property belonging to Catholic church e.g. to its parishes and dioceses), in the years 1989-2011:

2,476 proceedings ended in decisions or settlements that restituted or returned to church legal entities or awarded them damages or compensation,

666 proceedings ended in dismissal of the application or in discontinuation of proceedings before the Property Commission,

– the Property Commission has transferred to legal persons real property whose total area amounts to 65,538ha and paid out compensations and damages totalling PLN 143,534,231

  • Inter-Church Restitution Commission (for property belonging to the following churches: the Christian Baptist Church in the Republic of Poland, the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in the Republic of Poland, the New Apostolic Church in Poland, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Republic of Poland, the Muslim Religious Union in the Republic of Poland, the Evangelical Reformed Church in the Republic of Poland) (as of 31 March, 2015):

– a total of 170 applications have been submitted,

91 cases were initiated,

32 cases ended in restitution of property, award of substitute property or damages. 

  • The Restitution Commission for the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church (as of 31 March, 2015):

566 cases were initiated,

345 cased ended in property restitution decisions or settlements or the award of damages,

– 72 cases ended in decisions to discontinue proceedings or to dismiss the application,

– pursuant to decisions and settlements, the following were handed over: undeveloped pieces of landed property totalling 5171.9109ha, developed pieces of landed property totaling 39.3503ha, residential and business premises totalling 1,749.63m2, 13 cemeteries with a total area of 5.413ha. Damages worth PLN 18,030,988 were awarded 

  • The Restitution Commission for the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in the Republic of Poland (as of 31 March, 2015):

1,200 cases were initiated,

438 cased ended in property restitution decisions or settlements or the award ofsubstitute property,

522 cases ended in decisions to discontinue proceedings at the joint motion of its participants or in the dismissal of the application,

– undeveloped landed property totalling 402,76ha and developed landed property totalling 47.2ha was restituted or returned;

approximately PLN 2,176,618 was paid out in cash compensations. 

  • Commission for the Restitution of Property of Jewish Religious Communities (as of 31 December, 2014):

 – 5,504 proceedings were initiated,

2,568 proceedings were closed in full or in part,

1,1132 proceedings ended in a settlement or decision to accept the application,

1,386 proceedings were discontinued or ended in decision to dismiss the application,

– settlements reached before the Restitution Commission provide for the payment of PLN 27,999,035 as cash compensation for the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland,

– in addition, applicants were awarded damages totalling PLN 56,540,774

Reports of property restitution committees:


Information on restitution of immovable property to individuals and payment of compensation for private property taken over by the state

Real estate in Warsaw  

17,000 pieces of developed landed property had been seized,

 3,486 pieces of real property were restituted in rem,

 approximately 300 damages were awarded (from 2002 to 2012, the total amount of

damages paid was PLN 520 million)

approximately 5,000 cases are pending. 

Real estate in large cities 

In cities located within the borders of the 2nd Republic of Poland, as a rule, regulations like the Warsaw Decree were not in force. Other towns suffered less extensive damage during WW II. For this reason, the restitution of illegally seized property in those towns after 1989 was less complicated than in the case of Warsaw. Below is an estimated percentage of accepted applications for restitution of real property and/or restoring the ownership title to real property taken over by the state in the years 1944-1989 (estimated data provided by organisations of real property owners):

Gdynia: 90%

Katowice: 80%

Kraków: 80%

Lublin: 90%

Łódź: 90%

Poznań: 80% 

Landed real property taken over pursuant to the Decree on Agrarian Reform: lack of detailed data. However, more and more castles, palaces and country manors together with non-arable land are being restituted. 

Industry enterprises

According to Ministry of the Economy estimates, around 4,000 applications for invalidating nationalisation decisions have been filed since 1989. To date, around 3,000 cases have been considered, most of them in favour of the old owners. In the early 1990s, most cases ended in restitution in rem. From 2001 until 2012, arising from a decision by the Ministry of the Economy, the State Treasury paid out damages to 402 claimants for illegal seizure of industrial plants. The damages totalled PLN 191.7 million. The Ministry of the Economy has estimated initially that ca. 2,000 cases have led to restitution in rem

Property Beyond the Bug River (as of 3 June, 2015) 

 111,600 applications have been filed;

 60,553 claims have been processed;

 payments exceeded PLN 3.5 billion;


 Indemnity agreements 



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